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The Big Apple and the City of Brotherly Love have a major commonality, which is best heard in virtue of the handsome sounds crafted by their charming instrumentalists. New York ladies, BenZel plus  London soul sista Jessie Ware, and Philadelphia gentlemen,  Xaphoon Jones collaborating with Grave Goods have added to the cities’reputation for harboring some of the most well-endowed strain masons in the game. These East Coast deuces work across state borders to put time in to Brownstone’s ‘If You Love Me’   by tag-teaming the time-honored 90s R&B harmony. First in the ring is BenZel x Jessie Ware’s delivery of non-stop feels and stinging open-handed claps in dispersion through 808s that kick. As if you’re not already scrambling to hold both your agape jaw and tight chest, Philly boys Xaphoon Jones and Grave Goods intervene, commanding the gravity of the lay increasing spacey vibes and uplifting bass-lines that send you flying. Halfway through this round, these two slap with triumphant horns accompanied by towering hi-hats placing you right back on the ground. K.O.

 No need to steal their shine, these music champs are giving away their gold. If you didn’t bother to consider the links provided in the above text, you can grab BenZel x Jessie Ware’s rendition for free here, and Xaphoon Jones x Grave Goods remix, also free, here

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